Wizard's Symphony - Area 399 Hachune Rage

Wizard's Symphony

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Catalog No. PLJS-36093
JAN / ISBN 4510772190039
Product Type Playstation 4
Label / Distributor Arc System Works

This game is region free, but it is a Japan version. Please make sure that your set up is compatible with it before placing your order!

Description in Japanese

Wizards Symphony / Game

Royal road fantasy of sword and magic and nephew! ■ Summary: It has been 23 years since the first Wizards Harmony, which gained popularity as an adventure and development simulation game, was released on the PlayStation. Arc System Works celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2018, character design appoints Mr. moo as it was then, and follows the world view and setting of the original series and "Wizzers" series is reborn as dungeon RPG! ■ Half & slash-centered, well-rounded elements: In order to become a full-length conductor, and to get the money for adventure, order various quests in the city of Kazan and infiltrate the dungeon! Get rid of powerful monsters, get experience points and items, and strengthen the character more and more. ■ Battle system incorporating "favorableness": Arrange and install a traditional system from Wizards Harmony. The characters next to each other of the battle members link to each other according to the favorable sensibility, and they cover the attack of the enemy, follow me, or recover from the abnormal condition, "Enhance Link", strong will and friends "Harmonics burst" that stores thoughts and releases it as a powerful force, and "Chain Assist" that submembers also participate in battles and support them depending on their preference. ■ Full-volume full voice scenario with full voice! : The stage of the story is a series of adventurers running around the world, who are away from the original series “S & W (Skill and Wisdom)” and are attracted by the unknown world and ancient romance. Kazan ''s stage. An adventure fantasy centered on new friends is drawn! And while retaining the charm of the time, pay attention to the "cool cute" character of the new moo design! [The number of players: 1] [CERO rating by age: 15 years and over]