Video Gaming

Access to PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch - you have worked hard and earned the right to have your own physical video games that you can own directly. This way you can let your friends borrow your physical copy and send them here for them to see themselves if they want their own! Own an edible leek plant too if you want via our organic leek seeds that you can plant in a flower pot or in your own yard too! Get in on the ACTION!! Its good for you!

ALL level of skill can get into the action!! Get in on it today! Maybe I might even challenge you to a match online! The underground hit Anime game JUMP FORCE (physical copy) and other Anime great titles are now available today to the day you die! Find more HERE too!

Just like Boruto scaring Ryo with his jab attacks, another game where even professional gamers scream in horror is the game "Rabi-Ribi" .... a more serious and challenging game for some because there are just levels there where you just die. Feel free and enjoy and browse through the ANIME section page. Periodically we will find more stuff for others to get a chance to play!

Again we hope you enjoy your stay. You are more than welcomed to stay the night or as long as you want but we don't have blankets.... yet. But we are working on it. In the meanwhile, jump into the realm of VR where Hatsune Miku becomes real in another dimension that you have to experience it yourselves. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

 Don't forget the customized edit modes on your PS3 or PS Vita's as in this video below.


We thank you for any support and feel free to browse as long as you want.  Thanks.


Which Anime Video Game has the Hardest Levels to beat?
Jump Force
Hatsune Miku
Senran Kaguya
Akibas Trip
Sword Art Online
Naruto USA, LLC