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2019 is the year for North America USA to have NEW CONTACTLESS CARDS! (other countries already had and has been using this tech like 10 year ago) This special video recorded back in December of 2018 USA shows how simple it is to just use your card without any swiping or chip inserts.


Apply for an American Express Card with this link. We will both get rewarded if you're approved! Our referral link will take you direct to the American Express Website. Most credit scores above 680 may actually get approved, but no guarantees. However this particular card is actually awesome to have since you will automatically receive extra incentive bonuses just because you became an official member with American Express. There are other AMEX cards that can suit your preference, just as long as you click on this link, you and I will get the extra incentive bonus. Extra $75 in both our pockets or so. Please note, we both get credited regardless which AMEX Card you get approved for.

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Now if you are worried about security, this article already has it covered to go in depth Contactless payment: how it works 

Credit Insider: What are Contactless Credit Cards and How Do I get One?

Also all payment terminals that accept contactless have a short range of 4 centimeter from the terminal pad. A weirdo would literally have to touch/molest you all over if they would even get near you for anything. They even did numerous experiments in busy Subway Metro Lines in America and debunked the myth that someone can just grab all your info just by bumping into you. If you are still that unsure of Contactless Cards and its new technology, you can browse through our assortment array of CREDIT CARD METAL WALLETS. Even wrap it in a simple tin foil works fine or even use this card sleeve. In travelling all over the world, I have had no personal problems with contactless whatsoever. 

With American Express Security, its the best and you will be just fine.

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