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Secret of Vacuum Cleaners!

The fascination of having a vacuum cleaner that can wander all over the house really depends on laziness and time. Who wouldn’t want to do less work around the house anyways? These Roomba i-Robot vacuum cleaners really are awesome as they wander around the house picking up things. Although certain models seem to be more efficient than others but still gets the job done. Most of the time you really don’t even know its there as the robotic vacuum cleaner wanders off in places all around your home.  If you have pets, one of two things will happen.

  1. A)Your pets will hate it
  2. B) Your pets will love it


In Quotation A: If your pet hates the roomba vacuum cleaner or starts freaking out about it, give it some time. Eventually they will just have to get use to it. You see dogs bark at it, curious cats pushing it and all sorts of shenanigans. Usually by the end of the first month of constant movement of the roomba, the annoyance would have passed and eventually they really do start getting used to it. If they still bark or do destructive stuff to it, well tough luck. That’s your pet anyways and sometimes pets, just like certain family members, are just difficult to change their ways or acceptance.


With Quotation B: Some pets automatically grow fond of their new found robot friend. You will know when they start to try riding on it. With larger pets, they’ll just pretty much ignore it as it wanders by. For the smaller pets, they will find ways to ride on it and in some cases families out there even made a makeshift seat or bucket on top of the roomba for the animal to jump in and go for a ride. Although I have yet to see multiple roombas where pets can basically play bumper cars in. Safety issue for pets is minimal. Roombas are meant to bounce off of walls, furniture and even people.




These little vacuums that strangely resembles rolly polly potato bugs is something that each household should consider in owning one. Besides vacuuming the carpet, it also can easily clean hardwood floors and mice/rat poop without subjecting you to the Hentavirus  program.

A lot of people still think that roombas are only meant for carpet cleaning but many tests have already shown that they do an efficient job on wood flooring, depending of course on what model and generation you obtain. One of the complaints that seem valid is that the container or compartment for the dirt/debris that is collected in is too small and constant changing and dumping of the debris; that it collected, can be a nuisance to some. This would be more of the older generation models but its just like taking out the trash. Its not that hard to do anyways. Usually really lazy people could find fault with it unless you have the latest roomba irobot model where it also collects the trash into its own compartment at its base. Now those ones are really cool! USA, LLC

Many people should know that “the base” is a vital component since the roomba will automatically come back to it and re-dock itself for charging when it senses its low on battery and needs to recharge. The convenience of that doing it on its own is another less worry than to find it dead in the middle of nowhere. Most of the time it finds its way back to its base to recharge without problems. Now for some people, depending how cluttered ones home is in, then yeah, good luck in the roomba finding its way back in one of those pack rat homes of the abyss. Its just like finding a left sock while the other pair is gone to the vortex of no return ie the base and the roomba pairing. Now some if not all models like the i7+ now can notify you for help if it ever gets stuck or lost somewhere within your own vicinity of your home. The really newer ones have a map memory outline with laser guided technology where it knows exactly the dimensions and square footage which helps in aiding it back to its base.



Even though option A and B in topic were covered in broad sense of generality, there is the Option C. Which is the third option, that one of your family members including yourself might accidentally step on it if you are not paying attention. The cheaper models have a noticeable noise when in operation depending on the decibel chart rating. Unless you are hard of hearing, its pretty obvious where it is at around the house. No its not as loud as a gas powered lawnmower echoing within your walls or again with creativity you could put wireless speakers on it and program your phone and app to time it to turn on playing your favorite music when the roomba starts its cleaning course. People have done that as well. If you set the timer to vacuum once every hour or once every month, its all up to you. So in the scenario where its late at night and you rush off to a bathroom break, chances are your roomba should not even be on at that time in the wee hours of the middle of the dark night. Although yes you can set the program to vacuum at night if you wish and do so…. If upon that. Whatever, who knows.

Do you have sensitive toes? 

Then wear slippers then.

For people who don’t have sensitive toes and walk around the house barefoot like some Japanese style hut compound palace complex thing, then having a roomba bump into your foot is not the excruciating pain that some drama folks want others to believe. Also its not going to suck you up like some black hole, it will just bounce off and basically run away from you just like how it does with your furniture.

Over time, just like with any mechanical device, parts do tend to wear out especially with all the movement and jostling of daily life that just happens.  Checking up on the bristles and brushes is actually easy to do.  Grab the thing flip it upside down and go from there. There are simple instruction guides on how to replace or install new bristles. If you do have some kind of liquid spill, it would probably be best to do the old fashion mop or hand mop it since the roomba is not an industrial shop vac. Although that would be a little bit insane with that type of force and power consumption. Yes, liquid spills, just let some rag or towel soak it up. You will probably expand your roomba’s lifespan even more if you did that before it wanders over into it. For example if you spilled your grandmas turkey gravy on the floor as it is about to pass by, might be a good idea to retrieve it before the gravy or jelly gunk mucks up the inner gears. We are talking about gravy here.

What about people without pets but cant stand all the dander? Well that too has already been solved. You can create your own pet roomba by placing a pet costume on it. So as it moves around the house, it too can resemble your own feline or dog pet, depending where or how you created your new roomba costume like you see here in this picture below. Now you can have your very own pet that wont pee or poop anywhere!

 Being creative with the roomba is pretty much endless. For example you can even put a small garbage bin on top of it so as it moves around the house, if you are far away from the nearest garbage can you can just put the garbage on top of the roomba. Then you too can empty it back at the roombas base. Another option too is to leave it (the garbage bin) on the roomba and if it passes by, pick the garbage can up and dump it and place it back on it again. Its like its own delivery and drop off service while still cleaning your floors. If you are living with other people and they ask you to for something, you can pass it to them by placing it on the roomba and wait for it to get to the other person. May not be a guarantee it will get to the intended person within a short amount of time, but eventually it very may well get there. The joy of laziness for some people has its perks. With a roomba, you might as well do it and add some more ideas besides having your floors cleaned by it. One way or another it still does its job.

Overall there are many creative ways to have fun with a roomba moving around all over the house. For the folks that want peace and quiet, then just set your timer and schedule for vacuuming at your own leisure time. Roomba i-robots are generally good for everybody. Especially for the hard working and in some cases lazy people that need to take a break from daily chores.  The goal is to always make life a lot easier or less hard. Why not take the opportunity? Its well worth it. 

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