How to Upgrade Your Original PS4 Hard Drive HDD

Upgrading your original PS4 is simple as in swapping out the HDD or Hard Drive. As a proud owner of a Playstation 4 Console, there will be a point in time to decide to change the internal HDD to a larger capacity drive. What I will show you is how to do it yourself especially on my custom limited kind faceplate Hatsune Miku Project Diva X edition.



As you can see after viewing the video, the only hardest part, (if any) are  the 4 screws that support and hold the new drive in place. Other than that, the rest, is all about not using too much force to break or crease anything. At first you might have wondered where to begin, but at the very top of the faceplate, you can hold it from the side edges. Once firmly held, you press down slightly and then slide it up (or back) depending which angle you are at. It will easily slide right off. You will know you did it properly as you will hear and even “feel” a click snap. Although many people who do not realize their own strength have damaged their PS4 faceplates. Although rare, IF you are having trouble trying to open/slide the faceplate, then you have to TAKE YOUR TIME. Do not ever rush yourself when you deal with the importance of servicing your own beloved PS4. For the topic of subject, we are focusing on the first run original PS4 consoles.

Usually there would be accumulated dust when unlocking/uncovering the part. Unless you see giant worms, ant centipede creatures and lizards or creepy crawleth things that squeak at you oozing out of your PS4 then it would be strange if that ever occurred. Anyways, just brush that off… the dust I mean. Recommended to use either any anti static clothe, microfiber clothe would work great as well. Depending how much care and effort you want to put into your PS4. Some say to use those freeze dry air blower canisters for electronics, you could also do that, but you will need to be very careful and there are no guarantees that you may ruin something internally if you really overdid that. I personally do not use them. Well maybe on my keyboard at some laptop or desktop but never on my own PS4.

Now what about the tools one may ask? You can make it as simple as possible.

  • Hardware tools – mini Philips screwdriver
  • Disposable Gloves – optional
  • Microfiber cloth – optional

As you can see, its only 3 things, although the other 2 are optional but highly recommended to have around.

The basic essential hardware tool you need will be one of those Phillips mini screwdrivers that you can find  even at the Dollar store. They would be those eye glasses tool kits, or if you really want to be sure; you can use the cell phone tool kits. Either way they come with an assorted array of screwdrivers including the flathead and what I call a poker. For the PS4 HDD Swap, you basically just use the Phillips screw driver tool.

If you want to be more cautious of things, you may want to wear rubber anti static gloves or disposable gloves. While wearing gloves prevents any human oils or direct contact with micro parts that you might happen to come in contact with. Of course the PS4 would already be disconnected from any power source, but on a microscopic to the electron level, you want to limit direct human flesh physical contact as much as you can since human cells could fall into the component parts. Although its more of the aesthetics, but if you’ve seen those anti- static cloth/material, you may understand why. Now this isn’t micron electron course class, it is just to keep your electronics in peak optimal shape and understanding that concept for reasoning is always a must. Note: The emphasis to do electronic devices on a clean area or as sterile as you can environment.

With a Microfiber cloth, you can clean the system or wipe off the accumulated dust away from everything as soon as you are done. You can pick these up anywhere including at your local grocery store if you really need one. Please don’t use an oil soaked or some old clothe that you found in some corner of a garage full of bugs and leaves or something. Especially not the ones from your laundry hampers. Although unless if that’s what you want to do, then go ahead, its your own PS4. Although that I would not recommend using some soiled cloth of any sorts. Best to use something CLEAN. USA, LLC

 If you have seen the entire video, all you have to do is unscrew the “ONE” screw that keeps the disk drive slot in place. THAT’S ALL. Its as simple as that. Once you unscrew that, the casing part that holds the HDD comes sliding out like butter.

Although the next step is to just unscrew the 4 screws that hold the HDD together as they are basically its own version of support brackets. Once you have loosened and unscrew all of those, you can now take that old one out and put your new HDD Drive in. ALWAYS make sure that it matches the correct position as the old drive did. The connectors should match just like the old one before. Whatever you do, do not ever force or slam your new drive device into the sleeve. Even though it may not be supposedly delicate like a feather, but you want the minimal amount of stress to be applied to these as this will be your new lifeblood for higher memory and database once you install it completely. If you need extra brackets or you destroyed yours already, no worries, they are plentiful for replacements if need be here.

Now that you have the new drive in there, just readjust/reinstall the 4 side screws as their support brackets again. For some people it takes time to get used to unscrew or re-screw it back in.

Try not to hardcore screw it to the point you drilled new holes into your drive – not good if you did that, but make sure it is secured and sturdy enough where its basically snug and tight. You will have to make your own call of pressure since it is your own PS4. I personally do the double pressure check where if the bracket screws wont turn anymore, with very limited force but secured and sturdy, then that’s close to the support limit. If you have a magnifying glass for the more connoisseurs, you can analyze if you had indentations of the screws that you may have installed on too tight. You can relieve pressure or adjust the vice grip applying your own equation and formula. Anyways sorry for that insight, lets get back to the topic on hand here again. Slide the component back into its designated slot and congratulate yourself.

 You then just take that ONE screw and screw it back in. With the Playstation “That ONE” screw placed and in place, you can now just take your faceplate cover and slide that back in. Click it/snap it, the same way as you took it off prior. If you still have trouble trying to open the faceplate, please do not force it to the point you will crack or crease it. Well in my case of a limited edition special run of Hatsune Miku Project Diva X, I personally had to be very careful since they don’t make these editions and only rare ones exist today. Rightfully so. For the standard PS4 faceplates, you could go find those dime a dozen so do what you would like. The point of this blog was to make sure that you can enjoy your newer updated high level memory you just installed. Perfect hobby for ones who like to learn new things. It may sound risky to some, but if you are brave enough and know that you take care of your personal products, especially a PS4, you will be just fine. Although I do recommend that you take your time and make a set allotment of your own personal time if you want to do this. Simple disclaimer: you are responsible at your own risk, I recuse myself from any who screws up. This is just a simple good gesture on what I personally did and its just fine even to this day. No crashes, nothing.

If you ever wonder why I always refer that to be the “ONE” screw is that when you look at it, it’s a special made SONY Playstation emblem screw bolt. Its actually pretty cool since the genius crazies at SONY took the time and detail to logo engrave it. THAT screw believe it or not is something that you don’t want to lose. It’s a unique brand which is interesting since perhaps the true genius crazies back at SONY Headquarters may or perhaps encourages people to Do it Yourself on their products. Maybe just a "conspiracy theory". Even though by legal standards; their own professional ninny nannies claim voided warranty and stuff, who cares. Its your own product, its your own device its YOUR PROPERTY NOW. Although as an owner of your product, you still will have to understand that if you decided to send your product into SONY and you did stuff to it prior, then most definitely they are not responsible for it. For the general public, it should be a cost basis on what you want to do with your own product and your responsibility.

This simple blog guide shows to the general audience what I personally did to my own personal PS4, since I am keeping this device to the day I die.

Now all you have to do next is connect all the ports and plugs back in and re-INITIALIZE your PS4. To be honest, the most hardest part is to re-INITIALIZE everything…. And I mean EVERYTHING basically back to factory settings. So make note: If you can still access your old database BEFORE doing this, I strongly recommend to save all your hard work/game files/everything via external hard drive storage first before deciding to upgrade. The madness and grief of losing all your game saves and files will eat you alive once you INITIALIZE and forgot to do so. Bookmark and freely share our blog content, especially if you found this to be helpful in any way. THANKS

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