Roll Fold My Executive Pant Leg

 Here's how to fold your pants in hack motion. Most people take for granted of folding their pants or pant legs. What if there was another way so that you save enough space in your luggage? Well here you are in luck as today I will gladly show you how to save extra space in your luggage in “folding” your pants but literally with a twist.


 As you see in that video, my one of a kind Sony Playstation Luggage made an appearance as what my personalized luggage carrying case is for me to throw my clothes in when I travel back and forth to Japan and South Korea when business meetings call for it. When it comes to clothing and luggage, one of the key things that most people need is space. Surprisingly enough, folding your clothes actually takes up more space in your luggage than the contrary belief of folding properly to save room. The best form of approach is try to limit the wasted space and utilize each and every inch within your luggage or suitcase bin. To accommodate as much space as you can to fit anything and everything in. Even wadding up or crumpling your clothes is not advisable at all either. Specifically what we will discuss here is the “folding” or what I mean the “rolling” of your pants. Pant leg for short.

If you have seen the video, the recap for it,  is to make sure to first lay your pants the wide form first. By doing so you will enable the maximum form of ”roll up” when its needed. If you take one of your pant leg and fold it halfway up the other leg, you form a mid section horizontal or perpendicular alignment going East to West. Where the fold part should be where the knee part would be located. Remember that part since that is one of the fold points which is very important in your space saving ideo for pant leg. From far away, you pants would look like it is setting it up for a soccer kick or a football punt. So if you can imagine it that way, you first fold your pants like that. Once you’ve done that difficult and extreme strenuous part of laying your pants down like that, what you then must do is start from the waist area with both hands. You can use one hands if you want but using the 2 handed technique will be much easier to do. So with both hands grabbing from the waist area, you firmly “roll” as tight as possible, making sure that the density and pressure is firm as you roll. One thing to make note: when you roll the pants from the waist done, the tighter and condensed you can do, the smaller and more more space you can and will save. If this part is tricky to do, try and try again. Roll it so that all the valuable space within the pants have a density like a heavy log or a compressed form of a brick.

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While you roll the pants from the waist down, once you reach all the way down to the pant leg you then will realize that the perpendicular (East to West) part where you first folded is sticking out. This is perfectly fine and there is a reason for that. Making sure you did that properly you will need to make sure that that part is sticking out freely. The perpendicular pant leg should not have been rolled up with the first phase. So when your pants are in this form, you now are ready to do the next phase of the “roll up” operation phase.. With your partially rolled pants, the next move you do is to take that loose perpendicular pant leg (East to West one) and from the inside out you basically insert the rolled pants part into that perpendicular freely leg.  Its not suppose to make sense at all, its meant to save you space. You can “peel” the pant leg over the roll if you want to do the same thing to make it easier. So again you can “fold” or “roll” your rolled pants into the perpendicular pant leg. Basically you invert your perpendicular pant leg to roll over the entire roll. The first time you try this it might look bulky and if it does, you need to retry again. All that will be needed is to compress your roll into a much tighter form. When you correctly do this, your pants would be rolled up to resemble that of a sock. Assuming that you roll up your socks into a ball oval shaped form. Basically you take the perpendicular loose pant leg and inside out roll fold it over the main rolled pants.

One of the greatest benefits of rolled up pants is that the amount of room you just saved in your luggage bin, and by doing so it can be phenomenal. Lets say for example if you have 5 pair of pants and you normally folded it up the traditional way, your luggage compartment would already nearly be full and then you would have to do the jumping up and down on your luggage just to close it, like how you would see in those movies or other shows but not no more, now you can roll up 10 pairs of pants instead, and close your luggage bin with ease! You can even do a test trial yourself. See how many pair of pants can you put into your luggage all rolled up properly compared to the standard folding style. This ingenious technique now enables you to basically double your capacity in carrying pants to your office, hotel, business, travel destinations without the worry. What about wrinkles? Well so what about wrinkles? If you travel often you should realize that hotel rooms have ironing boards ready for use when you get to your destination. Most of the time anyways the wrinkles are not bad at all. Since you wear pants throughout the day, it will get wrinkled regardless. A simple ironing out your wrinkles will do just fine. If you are traveling to a relatives house or something like that, just use their ironing board. Another option is if you worry about wrinkles that bad, just take your rolled pants to the local dry cleaners at whatever destination travel you are going to. Although that would be weird if you left your clothes at a foreign dry cleaners and headed back home thousands of miles away as it spins around their carousel aimlessly unclaimed. Not surprising but more than likely that has happened before. USA, LLC

Now if you have multiple rolled pants all ready and tucked away in your luggage, you can make note that they too can make great mini pillows that you can put on the ground and lay on. In some places you can just lay on the floor to straighten out your back. If you do decide to do that, just grab one of your rolled up “folded” pants and place it under your neck/head and voila a pillow! Depending where you travel from, if you do lay on the floor and it gets comfortable, you can doze off and take a long relaxing nap. Just make sure your floors are clean though just like here with the roomba robot reference in the event you ever need clean floors done. Although if you are at a hotel, normally there should be a bed there and most hotels don’t utilize the roomba floor cleaners yet. They usually use a maid of some sort.

With the assortment of rolled up pants in your luggage bin, you can also throw it at people or play catch with. There are many uses on what to do with your rolled up new way of “folded” pants. You can even challenge others to see how fast you can roll up fold your new pant legs. Imagine all the clutter that you have removed by utilizing the roll up fold technique. Now you can all master it yourselves to help benefit others or even your inner well being. Lets say for example if you fell in water or got your pants wet, you can roll fold it if you want. Also if you have to throw pants awsay, you can roll fold it up and discard it that way too saving room for the landfill and garbage bin too. There are many ideas you can do with your new found folded rolled up pants technique. Gone are those days where you fold it, although everyone has their choices on what they want to do with their pants. Hey its your pants, you can do whatever you want to them. There are even pants out there that has rip holes everywhere and people still wear those even though it might fall off or be too revealing  but who cares. Again its your own pants not mine. Remember, this roll fold technique can be done on any type of pants, from jeans, to shredded jeans, slacks, cargo pants, all kinds of pants.


So how do you unroll the rolled up pants? That’s the fun part, you unroll it. Inside out, outside in. With it unrolled, you can now wear it with ease. May you all have fun with your pants or pant leg.

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