Reminisce Miku Expo 2016 Anime Hologram Concert USA

After going through my archived files - I will never forget the event which took place in Seattle April 23, 2016. The first ever Hatsune Miku USA tour started in Seattle as its first stop and then went across country throughout the entire United States with certain cities already SOLD OUT for any available concert tickets! In particular, this post is a refresher of the lost memory and forever etched in time of my personal experience of a lifetime! 

As a business traveler and Anime fan, this concert literally was a Godsend. With a VIP pass, I was one of the lucky ones that was able to obtain the extremely rare Seattle 2016 Miku Concert Poster. As my copy is marked in the lower left corner of the poster as number 75 out of the limited print run of 200.. TOTAL. There were no other prints EVER of the Miku Seattle Poster Print Runs. As you can see here, within days after the concert I had this professionally framed and in Museum Quality Glass and Border Frame including UV reflector lighting and preservation. 

Many people have the misunderstanding that "Anime" (or in this case "Vocaloid") are for supposedly dweebs, weebs or nerds.... but my answer to those scoffers is SO WHAT?

If you have noticed within the mass society, mostly violent neanderthals and struggling in life and just angry. THOSE are the types that we "weebos" separate ourselves from. Not everyone enjoys those "Thug Life" murder you programs that is so oversaturated with violence, death gore, killing murder and rape. Going back to the ancient quote from the Christian Bible (no worries not being religious) but the quote "The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth" really is a true statement regardless what background anyone comes from.

Look, I do not go around going hooogaaa booogaaa causing trouble and harm unto others like some others do. As a connoisseur of fine art and entertainment, the Anime Industry is a very unique and a sacred venue that the ones with intelligence and enlightened ones are able to see. With much respect and value so. The irony is if there is one is that us "nerds" will always have money and will always find ways to keep ourselves entertained at a Master level and no violent thug poop pants sagger guy is going to keep that away from us.

Anyways, I apologize for veering off to a short ramble there, but I remember that day I was at my hotel room and was going to take a short nap, it was a good thing that I decided to explore the area first before the opening time. If you want a short tour I have even provided that in the following video for you to do whatever with. Although I understand that this video may also be blocked in certain countries due to one of her songs either it was Out of the Gravity 1/6, Electrosaturator, Moon or the Ape Escape soundtrack sample bit. Whichever it was, please enjoy as always. Also just a fair warning, if you want the "tour" of the hotel structure instead, then just jump to the 4:13 second mark since at the very beginning of the vid I was just testing out the wifi capability and song "Lost One Weeping" a Kagamine Rin Song which I used a Golden and Americana Miku module on my PS Vita at the time which was Project Diva X for the Vita which is also available for PS4 as well.

You know, what was strange when I personally reviewed this video that I took years ago on that day April 23rd 2016 is that doing a tour of the Hotel Venue Silvercloud in Seattle which is located right next to the Wamu Stadium, where Miku was being held, I was not in the mirror when I opened the bathroom door. Although insignificant at the time, I was more than likely at an angle but it just seemed strange opening that door since maybe I went in and out of time dimension slips..... but anyways.

The hard core die hards actually showed up hours early before even the starting time. The atmosphere of the crowd was one of the best ever I have experienced in any concert venue. Even though the line stretched out to over several city blocks by the time of the opening show, I was already inside the stadium already setting up my latest cell phone (at the time) recording gear. Theres just so much more as it was one of the most surreal events and that is even before Hatsune Miku and the rest of the Vocaloids and the supporting Band Members started. I will have to give special shout out to that usher lady that helped guided me to my VIP seat as she was really cool as well! If only I remember her name, to be honest she was pretty good looking too! In the actual video of the Miku Expo 2016 you only get a short glimpse of her as the camera got panned too quick. Just as a personal taste for the added type of people that were there in a sense.

If the talk of Vocaloid is still new to you, let me briefly explain that its like Anime characters in real life via the projector light element Hologram type. Crypton the Future Media, which is the parent company of Hatsune Miku, started doing her concerts back in 2007 Japan and as you know it takes a while for everything to come to the West. Better late than never is what I would say. 

One of the greatest opportunities and lifetime is to experience her concert first hand. Especially if you ever get to go to Japan. They even had holograms on skyscapers they have there using your own phone (at the time) to see her perform live free concerts or special event.s like in this video here.

As you can see, if you have a SONY Xperia or even a PS Vita, the clarity and focus is beyond the God level status. Although all other phones will work fine, you just needed to download the APP for free..... and be in Japan. Although if you have the ability to time travel back in time, then please do so. Its just truly amazing how far ahead they are while we here in the States are still "finding out about her" and such. lol


We are talking about awesome serious stuff here. They even have that limited run  Gatebox AI machine for personal use that we may review at a later time and date. Oh if we could get our hands on one of those things and have it into English serialized would be pretty much Heaven on Earth wherever you live! 

Until then the reality of "traveling into the future" will always take time especially here or in other countries that continue to slowly (and I do emphasize on SLOWLY) advance into the modern age if any. 

Anyways, without digressing too much off topics, this form of entertainment is what we ("WE" as in what us nerds or dweebs/techies/otaku whatever you want to call us, we are not thugs thats for sure lol) have been looking for for some time. Compelling evidence from past history will always be a mystery to the future inhabitants of Earth when we are long gone from this realm but the way I see it, is that if the opportunity is now, just go for it! With the technology we have available and use for good purposes, you can have your own copy of the Japan Magical Mirai DVD blu-ray or standard. Even though its a 2016 edition, consider it as a souvenir and a piece of historical time frame archived relic that you can watch at your own leisure. I personally am proud to have my own copy and so should you. There are other years too but the 2016 year was just very unique and just something that year was very compelling as humans around the world came together in my personal opinion as we now continue in time.

There is that saying; "Use it or lose it." 

If we are living in the digital age then why not use it to the best as you can instead of living back in 1970s or something. People back then never got to experience this like we can today in our lifetimes, so use it.

Best thing that cometh like sliced bread for this day in age.

In many ways I am very grateful, happy and proud that I can experience awesome things like this compared to the other things that the masses tries to force on us. I understand this blog may have offended the violent thug druggy tattoo tribal freaks out there because the approach with Hatsune Miku Vocaloid is a clean non violent and for once an enlightening topic that many with closed hearts still will never understand. Here is also something cool with Hatsune Miku, the licensing of her can be freely used by anyone that sees fit. One of the best things since sliced bread really. The freedom and ability from people all around the world can use her to help boost themselves as well too in creating songs, making videos or any choice they see fit.

As of the date of this post, it has been exactly 3 years and 2 days from this memorable treasured memory event.

THANK YOU to the good and great people out there!

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