My Disdain for Cellphone/Smartphone Replacement Batteries

My Disdain for Replacement Batteries

Just like with any modern day cell phones of today, gone were the days where you can just swap batteries just like that. Not no more! These ridiculous corporate company cell phones or “smartphones” as they call it - forbids even the user who spend their hard earn salaries from even opening their own devices. Forget years of schooling or technical trade if you are savvy enough to open it yourselves or even take the time to manage to apply  the correct pressure and force in opening your devices. My only 2 phones and brands I will ever use will always be a SONY or Blackberry. In this topic we will be focusing on the legendary grandfather privacy secured Blackberry or “Research in Motion” for the die hards.


In this example I took my personally Blackberry Priv and opened it which is very easy to do and I do thank Blackberry (Research in Motion) wholeheartedly for making the process very simple to do! With up to 2 TB (but the 1TB card is available now) in its memory sd slot even when released back in 2015, this phone is still a beast! No wonder I have found very few left on the internet of original STV-100 first editions some going as high as $1300 bucks now!! Maybe even more as time progresses on into the future – a relic way ahead of its time and even today! A quick reminder that Blackberry has retired from the hardware business and focuses on software now, but the engineering and design can still be found as long as you do your due diligence and research.

At a later time I may publish a step by step on how to replace these batteries, but for the sake of argument, this current blog article will be focusing on the dangers of replacement batteries that are not OEMs. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Fakes or forgeries.

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Now past all that prologue, the main point of the blog article will be my own experience and the Hell I had to put up with in trying to find OEM parts, in this case an original Blackberry Priv 3440 mAh battery for the Blackberry Priv.

THIS one is the REAL one

My original battery stock OEM that it came with installed back in November of 2015 just started showing its wear and tear around in September 2018. Quite impressive really! When I first purchased its Blackberry Priv Debut in October and received it in November 2015, I was most ecstatic of course. This is even the same Blackberry that I took with me and recorded the Seattle Miku 2016 Hologram Concert event  and I still use today in my daily ordeals and business ventures. Now this original OEM Blackberry Priv battery lasted all the way until the dreaded day in September 2018. Not bad for a battery in a phone that lasted 3 years! Standard lifespan of phone batteries last about 2 years if that…. And I played and used my Blackberry Priv HARD and I mean HARD. Even Valkyrie Connect gaming HARDCORE during their COLLAB SERIES – oh the memories.

 So what I did at that time I searched through all source listings to find an OEM Priv battery replacement. At first you might say “oh hey that’s easy to do there are tons out there!!” oh but you would be so wrong on that notion.

What was intriguing to me is that Blackberry Privs were made limited and only but why are there so many Blackberry Priv batteries for sale? That I had to check out.

When I bought my replacement battery in September 2018, I did not worry at the point and assumed that it would be as what the product described and needless to say when I installed it (the battery) rebooted my phone and everything was just fine. A little warm to the touch but that went away the very first day, no problem! Then 8 months later now that “new” battery started losing its charge and started draining fast.

“What the hell?” was my first thought…. And not the casual “oh what the hell moment”. So I figured “Fine, I’ll keep searching and I decided to purchase what looked like a deal for 3 Blackberry Priv batteries at a very reasonable price!


I placed the order and receive the 3 in “question”. (Will explain later on that) This was an interesting time frame since I just started my vacation time paid leave from my corporate position to have some free time for myself when my phone drain became unbearable. So these 3 batteries were placed in expedite shipping. When I received these 3 I automatically assumed everything should be fine and dandy since they all looked the same as the old one, came in a protected packaging and so I installed the first battery. The main reason why I purchased 3 in the first place was that I figured I could stock up on these so that I will use them years down the road. Anyways, after the very first day of installation of the 1st battery, my phone started getting extremely hot and I mean EXTREMELY hot. I knew something was wrong and I wondered if this was a bad battery. I gave it 2 days to charge and cycle and NOTHING. To be honest, the charge hold was WORSE than the Sept 2018 one that it was suppose to replace! Also I knew there was something suspicious since ALL of them had dings and what looked like poked marks all over it. Were thee really "new"?

There are ways to measure the amperage, you can use your multi meter or use the Ampere app from the Android play store. Even though Ampere app is not 100% accurate, it can still give you the broad range and idea of what and where the current draw and resistance is. When measuring the output and charge, I was appalled and shocked to see that the replacement battery that I just bought is faulty. FINE. So out of my own good nature, after 4 days of use and poor result performance (I had to recharge that MORE than the old one!!) I decided to try battery number 2.

Now this battery was showing the same signs as the 1st “replacement” battery so I decided to do a full drain to 0% and recharge that way. Well…. THAT ended in DISASTER. As you all know here is what happens when you have a battery completely drained, when your phone is basically dead, and you plug your charger in, after a few minutes or even at most 10 hours, you would start to see some kind of status to show that your battery is charging. On off switch whatever, however with this 2nd battery…. NOTHING. What a nightmare. At first you may have even thought “did this battery just fucked my phone?” THAT is something you do not ever want to have run across your mind. Needless to say I immediately took THAT one out and installed the third and final battery.


Well what do you know? Exact SAME symptoms as the first one. Oh boy you bet I was pissed. This thing overheated my phone to the point it might even explode or fried any internal component which really pissed me or anyone that this could happen to -  off. It did not fry anything internal but you might as well say it did because it felt like carrying a hot brick or a freshly baked potato on my utility belt. I had enough of this fucking shit. So I went and placed an order from the original one vendor in 2018 guy one. At least I knew the battery he shipped to me at least lasted  far longer than these 3 no I assume to be refurbished or at worse case forgery ones. The worst part was the waiting period for shipment of this single battery Priv, even though it was a lot more expensive, the shipping time was far longer, but overall it did pay off BIG TIME.



So here is what happened, after limiting my phone use for what seemed like an eternity due to the crap battery  all 3 crap ones from some cheapo vendor guy, the ‘limiting use of my phone” was torture. For example I had to turn my battery saver on –which I have never ever used maybe twice with my original OEM 2015 ever - and then recharge the same day…. 3 times? What the fuck!? YEAH, these 3 batteries I purchased from that vendor guy, this is seriously WRONG! Once I installed that original more expensive guy’s battery that I first purchased from him 2018 September, all the phone problems stopped, the battery showed correct amperage and charge discharge amp ratings. All my stress finally went away because I KNEW these from him were legitimate ones. Even the packaging when inspected closer, are actual static protectant and sealed. 

So what about that cheapo vendor guy you might ask? Did I ask for a refund? No I did not, because I am using my experience to tell others what to watch out for. Although what I did was I contacted him and asked a few questions. Told him about these troubling issues and you know what that mother fucker said? Here is the screen shot.


So “We sell hundreds of these” and the “just cycle it, and don’t worry” response he said? Well… then… GO F#^K YOURSELF BUDDY, because if I ever see you and you reveal to me that you tried to f>ck me and my phone and all my stuff and hard work over, that I have archived (yes all are backed up and saved on outer sources) but the fact where YOU, telling me to “don’t worry about it”…. Words can not describe how my blood boils, but until then, yeah, I would so punch that fcker in the face as my response to his “Oh don’t worry about it” as my phone was on the brink of explosion because of that *&*#@ forgery batteries. Lesson to be learned, if its more expensive, there is a reason why, why did I not ask for a refund? Because those 3 batteries I purchased were cheap and you get what you paid for. That is why I now only seek all OEM ORIGINAL or as best as close to as possible and OFFICIAL. Man, I still would like to bash that guy in the face telling me to “not worry” as my phone could have exploded and parts fried with these questionable and more than likely fake batteries. Explosion. Literally. Thanks for taking your time in reading my rant and experience with this.

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