Portable Air Pump to Puff Flat Tires

Gone are those days with bicycle and car tire pumping by mouth like a balloon. Even like those lumberjack bike pumping that could tire you out, looking like you are on a pogo stick, can finally be put away with your very own Personal and PORTABLE Car Tire Pumper. Air Compressor for short or just the plain old Tire Pump – but wait, its not just a “Tire Pump”, it’s all automated and electric! With a gauge! 

To use it, is simple, you just take the lighter end socket and insert it to your car’s cigarette lighter receptacle. You can even call it a “port”… or whatever. Who would have known cars still have “cigarette lighter receptacles” nowadays.

Now that you’ve got the power to turn the device on, just open your car door and unscrew the tire cap off. With the built in pressure gauge system, it can measure your PSI or in this case “Pressure Square Inch” which is the force of air that will flow into your low to flat tire. When you tighten the connector to your tire stem, make sure its on tight so that no air leaks. The initial reaction when you connect the stem to the pump would be a slight pressure leak where you would hear that “whooooosh” sound air leak which is normal. Your tire farted and they do. It seals itself  and is contained to the pump which then registers as your current PSI on the gauge. The next step is just to press the button and TURN IT ON. 

When looking closely at the needle in the gauge you will see movement and when it reaches the level of the correct recommended tire pressure, then you can turn your device off. There, it is that simple! Even ANYBODY including great great Grandma or even a 2 year old can do it. To finish it off, you unscrew the connection to your tire stem and your tire will do a quick fart again when you are disconnected from the tire. Then you take the screw cap of the stem and screw it back on.

Modern times of today's tires, or most of them, depending on top model brands,  are usually well made to keep the pressure at its recommended level but however over time, the wear and tear to where the rubber meets to hit the road, air eventually leaks out. Especially with massive potholes everywhere these days whether you drive or ride or take the bus, heck even walking on foot, you could open up to fall into giant crater cavern pothole and twist your ankles. I knew someone that had that happened to her when she got off the bus, stepped into a pothole. If I had the opportunity I would patch up each damn pothole like a birthday cake and call it good compared to some half ass road service that municipality hires or something who don't even patch it up properly. It will be a matter of time roughly the year 2024 (possibly earlier) for these new aged "airless tires" to hit the market and possibly be in stock at this here area399 website too! 

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However, until then, since the blog of this post June 2019, from the past - the rest of society will be stuck with air tires for now. Until you time traveled from archived past.

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The dangers about riding with low pressure tires is that there are many. Anyways, it is not good to drive or ride on low deflated to flat tires since it will affect your rims and other mechanical components and deteriorate parts in your car as well.

There is the danger of Over-inflating your tires, then you could have a severe blow out. Just think of something bloated or even yet as a balloon just ready to pop. That would be a horrible and a scary event to even think about as you are driving down the road and something like that happens.

Now where would I find the rating for my tire pressure one may ask? Well that’s easy! Its always on the side hinges of your car door. If you look carefully there you will see the gauge rating and recommended tire pressure for your specific type of vehicle. For example with my photo here, my vehicle rating tire for my ride is set at 32. Most people don’t even realize that it is there but there it is! In other cases if some wild animal, or family member, or your car dealership where you got your  vehicle from, stripped or ripped the side door labeling off, for who knows what reason, then you can look it up on Edmunds, which you can find at any auto parts store in their free book or even online.  You won’t really have to worry since you look up your vehicle and match the rim size then you will know the exact tire pressure that your vehicle is recommended for. Then once you do, then you can scribble it on the side of your door in permanent ink if you want to replace the lost sticker of who knows where it went. Just remember - if you have an R16 when you look at the tires and the jumbled numbers - that indicates you have 16 inch rims. Just an example.

Edmunds Tire Chart

You can be in the range, a healthy safe range within that target for optimal performance, the tire pressure in regards. Even the importance of tire care as per here from Goodyear : Proper inflation pressure is necessary for optimum tire performance, safety, and fuel economy. To maintain proper inflation, check your tire pressure when they are cool, with an accurate tire pressure gauge monthly.

The quote may seem boring, but its direct to the point and that’s AWESOME!! By the ways, that’s the same brand I use in all my cars and even The US President’s car uses that brand and has been for many years now. My choice and preference too!

The best time to check and inflate your tires would be BEFORE you ever start to drive. When the car is cold…. Or in other words “Cold Inflation”. By keeping to those standards, it is not a good idea to inflate your tires after you’ve been on some long road trip or you went and to from errands or to the grocery store. As you know when tires are being used, inside temperature heats up and expands. Checking your tires during that time may give you a false reading for example thinking you are over inflated, so you release air out and then are driving under-inflated. Again to stress this out for safety, check and pump your tires BEFORE you decide to drive or just pump your tires at COLD INFLATION.


Periodically a good spot check on your tires would be once a month or so when you want to see if air is needed. Just by looking at your tires in some cases may be deceiving because when you check the air pressure its right on the target pressure range but from some odd angle it may look flat. As long as the pressure range is correct then you really do not have to worry about UNLESS you see strange odd bulges or even a nail or dry rot. Then yes your best bet would then take it to a tire shop and chew some bubble gum while those guys patch it up… if they can. Otherwise the worst case scenario would be to buy a brand new tire then. You can use an American Express card for emergencies like that, we highly recommended this one!

But what about those Gas Station Tire Pump Devices like you see here?


I highly do NOT recommend them since YOU ARE BEING TIMED for AIR USE. How absurd! Maybe back 20 years ago when they used to be free or even at a modest 25 cents insert quarter go here was kinda fun AND the time limit back then for air distribution was very generous. Now today you would have to spend $1.50 or more for maybe even 30 seconds of “Air time”… if that. SCREW THAT.

Go away you evil gas station pump thing!

Then not to even mention the tangled wires and all the other things where if its dirty or raining outside you got to untangle, unwind and all that other stuff on a product that you do not even own! Communal tool used and abused by other people. SCREW THAT.

Then if something DID HAPPEN you would have to go up to the gas station clerk who probably hates everything and then you stand there arguing, bickering about refund exchanges or lost coin or something stupid like that while others inside the store starts hovering waiting in line while everybody starts acting like monkeys…. more people to deal with on top of a situation bad to worse with all such colorful dialogues and screaming at each other.  SCREW THAT.

So you see, I highly recommend getting YOUR OWN Air Pressure Tire Pump especially like this one. If you’ve seen the video on this actual device, it’s a very good product and a lifesaver! You can have instant access to pump your tires right then and there as long as you pull over to a safe spot and pump your tires in an emergency! Also best advisable to carry one of these around in your car to use just to warn other drivers in case an incident occurred at night or even day time where they might not even see you.

Better safe than sorry and can never be certain about “other drivers” out there. So yes, I highly recommend drivers to at least carry these in your trunk or in the car anywhere. No need to wait for a tow if you have low air and no need to risk your wheel and rim damage slowly chugging to nearby gas station to pump air and in some cases if by the time you do arrive to a Gas station air pump station, it could be out of service. Strange things do happen. Especially if you are driving on long road trips like how you see in the movies of long stretched desert and creepy hillbillies or some guy in overalls might mistake your tires as an Oreo cookie to eat. Stay safe! Bookmark and freely share our blog content, especially if you found this to be helpful in any way. You can even build your own deck that you want too. THANKS


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