How to Change a Roomba Battery


How To Change a Roomba Battery 

If you have fully charged your Roomba and then it barely goes beyond 3 feet and dies on you, then it is usually due to the worn out battery. I have basically provided a step by step video on how to change your Roomba internal battery. At the beginning of the video you can see the Roomba 620 model barely going anywhere, diagnosed what the symptom was and then how to remedy it. Change and or replacing Roomba internal battery. Model version 620.

That funny video game sound that it makes in an audio female bot recorded speech format; “Please Charge Roomba” is something from the 1970s Pong or something. Although the word “Baah” is the most memorable part of its audio speech. The rest of it we all seem to forget what was said.

Before we dive into the prospect at hand, this package here that came in the mail contained the new battery for this Roomba 620 model.

Looks like a brick

Just wanted to show you the new battery package as it was obvious what came in the mail. The replacement battery part! Almost looks like a cube of butter.

Battery Roomba 620

Anyways, what you have to do is flip the Roomba upside down to get to its belly access. Reminder and note that the only tools you basically need is just the standard Philips Screwdriver or if you really want to be Professional you can obtain the Professional Cell Phone/Electronics Repair Screwdriver Set. Roughly at the 27 second mark of the video, you can tell that the battery definitely needs to be changed and or replaced.

Flip upside down

There are in total of 5 screws to unfasten, but technically there are only 4 main large screws. The other screw is the one that keeps the yellow spinner brush in tact. By loosening the 4 main large ones first, you can unfasten the spinner bolt last. Its not a mandatory procedural step, but its easier that way so no actual parts may be lost during the disassembly process.

If you are having trouble taking the screw out of the small yellow spinner, what you can do is “pinch” the spinner to prevent it from spinning and at the same time you unscrew the bolt. It is not necessary to remove the entire spinner as it can still stay on there. What you are basically doing is loosening the spinner bolt where there is a connection slot underneath that keeps it in place.

That is all that needs to be loosened and then the screw can be removed. Once all 5 screws are off, you can just take the frame off as it will come right off without any problems. No need to apply any major force as the resistance is minimal in removing the frame.

With the frame completely removed, now you have full access to the internal battery ready for replacement. It is very simple to remove as there are 2 tabs on the battery edges that you can pull and take out that way. The battery for this Roomba 620 model weighed about 2 pounds or so. Fairly a decent size and weight for a battery. Although the original battery that this Roomba 620 model came in was a yellow battery pack, the new one that I placed an order for, came in as a purple pack. Regardless of color, I could care less what color variation it comes in as long as it does the job and recharges this Roomba 620 model. With the cover now completely removed, you can now replace the battery.

Once you take the old battery out, take the new battery and in the exact same position as the old one was in, you place it in the same way. Its not a good idea to place the battery in the wrong direction or any other unnatural placements. The battery should fit in with ease and without any snags at all.  What will happen though once you have the new battery in, the Roomba will automatically make some kind of a beeping or an audio sound. By default the Roomba will automatically activate its standby mode.  Making sure you hear that sound guarantees that the fresh new battery that you have installed is ready to go or at least it is up holding some kind of charge.


The beeping sound that you heard in at the 2 minute and 50 second mark is the Roomba 620 identifying the newly installed fresh battery pack. In the event if you ever received faulty batteries, you may need to charge it and try again, but unlike cell phone batteries, the Roomba battery replacements are more guaranteed to fit and work since there are no micro electrical components and parts like the cell phones have. To be honest its not being put through Hell like some other cell phones  do, especially when you service on them if need be.

 Now all that is needed once you have successfully installed the Roomba 620 battery is to put the frame back on. Just like how you removed the 4 large screws, you place those back into its original slots and re-tighten each one. Before you do that though, you may want to securely fasten the yellow spinner screw bolt back in first. The 4 screws to re-install can follow next. If you see in the video I managed to re-align all placements into the exact order as was when it was disassembled. Again if the smaller screw for the yellow spinner is giving you problems because that spins, all you have to do is to “pinch” it to prevent it from rotating and then while doing so you can fasten the screw into it that way. Remember the key concepts, righty tighty lefty loosey.

After I attached the frame and securely verified that all the screws are back on correctly, the moment of truth and the test phase to be initiated and begin! So then you flip the Roomba back over right side up and press the button. The first press is the activation to wake it from its sleep mode. Then a second later when I pressed the button again, voila!! Its ALIVE!! ITS ALIVE!! I can tell the big difference from before the weak pulse charge to the new battery at a much higher force and aggressive cleaning status than before. Even it attacked the tripod that the camera was on that filmed this drastic earth shattering event of another Roomba 620 coming back to life!! Did I mention that it was vicious as well too?

YES it was VICIOUS! That Roomba cleaned the floors like some kind of a professional cleaner hit man like there was no tomorrow either!


So the next question was what to do with the battery The yellow battery that I nonchalantly threw on the floor was taken to the nearest recycling center to be disposed of properly. Many people assume batteries are just “batteries” but I do highly advise that when handling electronic components to have anti- static gloves or at least wear gloves when handling mechanical parts or ones that need replacing. Tiny particles are EVERYWHERE so to some it may not make a difference, but if you like to keep things in optimal order and tip top shape as long as possible, wash your hands and wear gloves when doing any electronic parts components.

Now did I tell you what happened when I asked a local Vacuum Cleaner shop about servicing Roombas? They flipped out and yelled at me telling me that “I should not service my own Roomba” and such. Those guys were just trying to scare us thinking that our Roomba was damaged, destroyed, on the brink or going to the boneyard graveyard of junk heap trash tools to the junkyard. USA, LLC

Well looks like I proved them wrong. So you see, it is very easy to service your own Roomba as what I did here to our Roomba 620 model. I would have to say that the original yellow battery lasted us about 3 years before I decided to create the video and simple guide to maintain and service your own Roomba. There are some precautions that you do have to consider when you are detaching the frame, and that is to make sure you do not “snap” any parts off. For example, if you are not too careful with unscrewing the bolts, you could tear or possibly even rip into the plastic frame. Keep it as original stock as possible. There have been other videos that I have seen where the spinner broker off and the connection screw to the female slot underneath was torn. When that happens, then you either will have to reinforce it with a different size screw than the original. To make things easier, try not to destroy your Roomba at all.

Even though this Roomba 620 model is an older model, the same process is similar to most Roombas in how you want to change your battery if you need to. The other option is to take it to a vacuum specialty shop, but if you already know how to do simple tasks like change the battery, that’s basically all you need to do. The internal component wiring is a different subject altogether but that is something that Roomba owners should not have to worry about unless you have pets or toddlers jumping on it or if you took it and threw it around. These are actual durable products and an asset to have around the house or your living quarters.


Again one last reference, if you have not read my blog about your pets and Roombas, feel free and check it out here or click on that Roomba white cat that is coming towards you. In saying hello. Bookmark and freely share our blog content, especially if you found this to be helpful in any way. THANKS

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