Duck and Geese Bites My Burger Bun

On a lazy afternoon, I decided to travel down to a nearby park to enjoy some peace and relaxation quiet time. Summer of each year is what I normally do to wind down the echos of all the noise from the city and suburban central life away from it all. Many times I tend to feed the ducks and geese that happen to be always around here even at times during the winter months it seems. Well today was a beautiful nice calm day for me to enjoy some solitary.




With the flock of ducks and geese, mostly Canadian Geese or goose and the standard common Mallard and brown female ducks,  it did not take too long for that solitary to be interrupted. As I sat there enjoying the calm, the horde of birds starts gathering around once you start throwing them little bits of bread. They pretty much like to eat everything that is edible. They actually provide good company as knowing these birds lifespans may not last as long as humans. Although their chatter and the slight differences in each one  makes you feel accepted in a world of different creatures. It really is true what they say, but these birds do remember you if they have seen you multiple times enough.

So here came a little Mallard duck, so I figured as a good gesture to offer a slice of bread directly in front of it.

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Without hesitation it easily took a nibble and then a few chunks of the bread as it “quacked away” back to its flock back towards the water. Apparently it was just really hungry. One makes you wonder exactly why these little creatures are always hungry it seems. Do they ever really get full besides the constant gluttony of continuous eating. For little creatures they sure eat a lot.

So this oddball goose decided to come around the way and observe the bread that I had out for any of them to munch on. This goose was no different than that little duck, besides a larger bird, although it got part of my finger, but it does not even hurt at all. If you can imagine it, but geese, especially this one drooled a lot…. And I meant A LOT. It was unfortunate that I did not or was not able to record the goose drooling. I could have zoomed into its mouth and noticing the small “little teeth” that it had within its beak. Strange sight to see but they are just always hungry.

So I had a hamburger bun and one was so eager that I just let that thing have a bite.


I realized later in the day that I was going to use that hamburger bun to make my own burger. Since it was already chewed up and eaten, there was no point for me to remind myself since I will just have to pick up another burger bun from the local grocery store or so. That one particular goose seemed to be extremely happy being fed a burger bun. If you see the video, I swiped the burger bun in front of that thing and it went straight for it. Other ducks were around but I guess this goose was the lucky one that decided to have a burger bun for the day.

As you can see, here is the full picture version. The other geese in the background are all trying to find loose breadcrumbs from prior feeding while the brave one just basically walks up to you and munches the bread out of your hand. Believe it or not, but even if they bite your finger, usually by mistake, not intentional, it does not hurt at all. Unless you have very sensitive fingers, then maybe feeding birds directly out of your hand may not be recommended for some, but as for myself, it was nothing. No cuts and their beaks feel weird. Im not a bird expert and never was but I enjoy the company and tranquil or  noise that they provide. Maybe if you are around them for a long time you might get to understand their language and frequencies of their audible sounds they make.  Looking at these things and watching them waddle walk is also strangely relaxing. They resemble large footballs waddling around at times. Although I never ever got to pick one up by hand, I bet it might feel weird to do so. During this feeding frenzy, not a single one threatened or even pecked at me like some people would assume. If for any reason if you think they are encroaching in your personal space, all you have to do is just get up and walk towards them. They quickly disburse and get out of your way. Although make not of wearing proper shoes because you might inadvertently step in goose or duck poop. Speaking of ducks, the ducks seem to be more skittish since they are smaller than the geese and are prone to be pecked at them at times. Although yes you can feed the ducks by hand and that too is relaxing seeing these little creatures waddle even more like a football. A flying football. I remember I saw a light golden blonde colored duck all looking at me and was very friendly. During that session I had shredded lettuce. Apparently they enjoy bread more than lettuce. Talk about junk food, apparently they prefer junk food like bread instead of healthy fresh foods like lettuce. However that blond colored duck actually ate the lettuce and was very friendly or most peculiar or perhaps curious out of all of them.


Then came a guest cameo appearance of a white large I don’t know what kind of bird this was but he or she was pretty cool. Is it a swan pelican or something? I have no clue but I was actually able to pet this thing. This one seemed like the head honcho of everything that day or something. Even looking this thing in the eye was funny as it waddled around and made a raspy honking noise. As all the other birds where pecking at each other, not one of them even dared to peck at this thing.

This thing was fun to feed. It wasn’t scared of anything and not aggressive at all. With such a docile creature it reminded me of what a Dodo Bird could have been back in the day of time. If they were this friendly back then that must have been extremely cool to witness. Whatever this thing is, I actually enjoyed its company. Even though this photo was from years ago, it still managed to be caught in a photograph time in a world we all must defend. Returning back to feeding this thing,more than likely if it is somewhere out there, maybe it might remember but even today I was browsing through and found this photo of that thing. When I pet that thing, it felt like a strange fluff ball. A giant football turkey. Without any aggression. Very peaceful.

So my friend this white goose swan or whatever this was, I was glad it made an appearance. Even on video it just came out of nowhere. Maybe it really was the entire bird’s leader or something as this one was by itself and all the other birds made way for it when it appeared.  I remember clearly that day that it was just by itself and no other of its flock or breed was with it. For such a docile creature and allowing me to pet it, it could have been a spirit creature! With the mysteries of the world perhaps we may never know. It was strange though, I could have sworn it was talking in telepathic form kind of language while it was eating. People would brush that off but really though, people need to take the time and not take other creatures for granted. Even though they may not speak in verbal human language, they communicate on a different wavelength sense of form. Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to these things fluently like how you see in those movies? That would be really cool, maybe I really did talk to this thing that day. Who knows. All I know for sure was that this was a really friendly creature. It was not threatening in any way, I have never met this thing before and it gladly went directly up to me and I fed it by hand. It’s a great feeling when you make a new friend that day. Even though time flies by, it’s the memories that never die. To be honest I do not know what their lifespans are, but I do wish for all living creatures to live a long and happy and respectful lives. Most humans out there take little creatures for granted, but there are the necessities where you’ve got to say hello if you can to them since they too are creatures of the living just like you and I.

With so much time passing I do wish all these birds well and it was enjoying spending solitude time getting away from daily grind to relax with these things.

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