5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Portable Air-Conditioner

A guide to buying a portable air conditioner

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As a homeowner, there are plenty of stress issues that you would have to deal with on a daily basis. From pending energy bills to job commitments, and maintaining your house – everything requires you to be responsible and quick on your toes.

In this day and age, anything that can ease this stress even in the slightest way becomes a valuable investment. A simple device such as an air conditioner can improve indoor air quality, cool down temperatures, and give you much-needed composure after an exhausting day. 

However, an AC also comes with its fair share of high energy bills, maintenance and reparation costs. Even though having an AC is a necessity, it can consume a big chunk of your bills. Most people shy away from the idea of a portable AC simply because the practice is still new to them. 

Think about it - instead of walking to a cool room down the corridor, you can just turn on the AC wherever and whenever you wish to. It’s a great, innovative investment. For a start, having a cheap portable air conditioner can significantly cut down the burden of high energy bills. 

During the summer, the only thing worse than the sweltering heat is the overwhelming energy bills. If you’re on a tight budget, portable air conditioners serve as a wonderful way to keep you and your family cool and happy. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are the invaluable benefits of purchasing a portable air conditioner to change your mind. 

Instant and User-friendly Cooling Device 

Have guests ever come unannounced to your home? Apart from being a major inconvenience, the idea of preparing the snacks, cleaning up the house, and setting up the living room is exceptionally nerve-racking. 

Sprucing up the house on such a short notice is harder during the summers. When you only have the air conditioner in the master bedroom upstairs, figuring out ways to keep your guests comfy in the living room is a challenge.  

You might just have to switch on three to four pedestal fans on each side or at best, invest in a new AC. However, the thought of buying a new unit that would only be used once a month is too taxing. For this reason, a portable AC is one of the handiest options for emergencies like these. 

It not only saves you from an empty pocket but also instantly cools down a hot room. With more and more people in the house, the humidity levels grow, which can make the air in your house warmer than outside. 

An HVAC unit isn’t fast enough to cool down things quickly. Apparently, that “quick blast” of air takes too long to reach the living room where you really need it. Standard air conditioners circulate cold air throughout the room, which can take several minutes. 

Hence, this just leaves us with one solution: a portable AC. It can provide concentrated blows of cold air wherever and whenever you need it. Its small size, affordability, and of course, unmatched portability is what makes it a great home investment. You can plant the unit where it’s needed the most - resulting in happier guests and less stress! 

For Chilling Warm Areas of the House  

“Warm areas” might be an understatement for kitchens that feel like a burning pot during the summers. The situation gets worse when you don’t have an exhaust fan to chop through the rising hot air. Having an AC near or in the kitchen is a futile idea. 

The stove needs heat around it to cook the food properly. Having anything cooler than a small exhaust to fume off the heat will also render the cooking process useless. Installing an AC is, therefore, not the solution. 

However, having a portable AC that throws concentrated air towards a specific area can be utilized while you’re cooking in the kitchen. Apart from making a few visits near the stove or the oven, you can enjoy a cool and relaxed time in the kitchen. 

In fact, the rising heat in the kitchen can also cause other rooms of the house to warm up. This will, in turn, put an extra burden on your HVAC unit to expel more cold air. Instead of exhausting your main unit, you can invest in a portable AC. 

You can conveniently enjoy a quick boost of cold air without disturbing anything else around in the house. It will even get the surrounding temperature levels back to how you want them to be way quicker than a standard AC. 

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Unmatched Energy Efficiency 

When we say ‘unmatched’ energy efficiency, there’s no other appliance that can beat a portable AC in this regard. If for no other reason, invest in a portable AC because it can drastically cut down your bills. The more you use it, the lesser you’re likely to burden your HVAC unit, resulting in lower numbers on the bill. 

Portable ACs can be conveniently shifted from one place to another. Most of them have smooth rollers under them, like this one, allowing you to move them from the living room to the kitchen and back to your room. 

Hence, no matter where you are in the house, stay assured that the atmosphere around you will remain cool, pleasant, and comfortable. You will automatically use the central AC less frequently or may not use it at all and still get to enjoy cool air wherever you need it. 

Greater Temperature Control

Have you ever gotten in minor fights and brawls with your siblings or kids over the temperature of the AC? You could have the finest, top-notch air conditioner in the house, but there’s simply no solution to the contention over the AC temperature.

But you don’t have to worry anymore. Apart from being energy-efficient, a portable AC offers greater control over the temperature. If you’re the only one who’s feeling exceptionally hot, you can turn the little device to yourself and enjoy a powerful boost of cold air. For one, it will stop all the arguments with your family!

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Secondly, you also get to save a couple of bucks by enjoying a higher temperature. On the main system, anything higher than the optimal temperature of 26 degrees can cause a surge in the energy bills. No matter how high you raise the temperature, a portable AC will not lead to higher bills.  

A quick tip: If you think the temperature range of the portable AC is too high for you, slowly increase it. With gradual increments, you’ll be able to get used to excessive cold without spending a single penny. It will readily add to your comfort and create a pleasant living space. 

A Smart Alternative to a Window Air Conditioner 

There are several reasons why people hesitate to install a window AC. If you have strict neighbors you share walls with, there’s a possibility they might express reservations. It’s also a problem for people who live in buildings that don’t allow localized renovation or AC installation near the windows.

However, most residential spaces are built in a way that the place near the window is the safest option for an AC installation. Whether the cause is rigid neighbors or building laws that restrict window ACs, there’s absolutely no reason for you give in. 

You can enjoy the same comfort through a portable AC. And the best part—it doesn’t have to be anywhere near the window. Step out of the discomfort and enjoy the cooling from a portable AC without disturbing anyone else around you. 

Apart from this, people who enjoy sunlight in their homes might find window ACs annoying. It can block off the entire view. It also impels you to keep the curtains and windows closed because you don’t want the cooling to escape. 

Yet again, the solution is a small AC that you can move around without any worries. Restricting daylight into your house can have a negative impact on your health. Instead, you can invest in the smallest portable AC out there to enjoy an icebox room without blocking off the sunlight. 

These are only some of the major benefits of a portable AC. The biggest reason to invest in a small unit is its affordability and great value. You can reap all the benefits from a portable AC without having to pay a boatload of money for it. 

With that, let’s move on to some insightful tips when you’re looking to buy a portable AC. 

What Should You Consider When Buying a Portable AC

As handy and convenient transportable ACs are, as a homeowner, you should always do your fair share of the research. Before investing in a unit, make sure to inspect it for the following things. 

Determining the Size 

Acs come in various sizes, shapes, and features. Essentially, portable ACs use the British Thermal Unit (BTU) per hour to calculate the cooling power. The higher the BTU, the more cooling a unit shall provide to a greater number of rooms. The standard rule is that a unit needs 20 BTU for every square foot of floor space in your house. 

Choosing the right size that fits perfectly in your house and cools adequately is crucial. An AC that’s too big may waste energy and money. Make sure the AC you buy is providing ample BTUs according to the size of your house in square feet. 

Calculating Annual Maintenance 

Here’s some fantastic news – there is no maintenance! In fact, the only maintenance you need is creating a proper system to collect all the moisture. Portable ACs need an outlet to dispel moisture as they cool down your room; hence, you need to find a way to get rid of it before it makes a wet mess. 

You can remove the pan beneath and empty it when it’s full. Or, install a hose up the AC for the water to flow automatically into another location. The pull of the gravity will pump out the water to wherever you need to dispose it.

However, with smart innovations in AC technology, many portable ACs come with self-evaporative designs. This means that the unit is self-equipped to remove all the dampness on its own without any manual drainage. 

Apart from this, you will have to give the filters a good clean once a week. The filters can get clogged over time since just like any other standard AC, this one will also suck in the dust. And while you’re at it, make sure that coils don’t freeze due to the ice. Hence, make sure to defrost it.  

Deciding the Placement 

The size of the AC essentially depends on where you plan on placing it in the house. We discussed earlier that ACs are normally installed near the window. This is because they need to expel out the hot air. Therefore, the ideal place for your unit is a few feet away from the window. 

You can even place it near the window for extra convenience. The AC units usually come with a window kit that allows them to remove warm air out the window. However, you can place it anywhere as long as the unit has some place to release hot air. 

A Final Word 

Energy efficiency and cost-saving are two of the most crucial concerns of homeowners. Now that the summer season is at its peak, it’s a good time to invest in a portable AC. Co amazing versatility, transfer-ability, and affordability – PACs (personal air conditioners) are a wonderful and worthy investment for a home.  


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